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Cartoon Face of Bicycle Man and Life

February 24, 2010

cartoon face

In many quotes we ever hear that the life is hard until we get out of our own way. The cartoon picture of man and bicycle try to express about the quote. This cartoon picture is an unhappy cartoon face.

We all have a number of problems in our life, including jobs, work, children, money, car, and more. We must be a winner in our life.


A Cartoon Face Avatar

February 18, 2010

Many artists know how difficult it is to draw an avatar cartoon face by just looking at a photograph. And people know that there are few artists who are able to draw cartoon faces and avatars very well. They need to draw every detail meticulously and then match all of the colors on the cartoon drawing correctly.
Some people believe that creating an avatar or a cartoon face can be fun. Many people find that making cartoon faces form of their photographs is fun and amusing but today avatars are becoming so popular that you are unlikely to surf the internet without seeing one.

Understanding About Cartoon Faces

February 16, 2010

Understanding About Cartoon Faces

By Ita Nurdya

Do you love cartoons? Do you still remember the cat and mouse twosome, Tom and Jerry? How about Popeye with his puffed-up forearms and craze for Spinach? Does the name ‘Homer Simpson’ ring a bell? Although it is not popular but did you know that the Jackson Five had their own animated series based on their lives and music called The Jackson 5ive during the 1970’s? Yes, these are only some of the most endearing cartoon characters the world has ever seen. I am quite sure that you have your own favourite cartoon character whether from Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and many others.

Because of technological innovation, cartoons have evolved in history. From the old low budget black-and-white cartoons, people today enjoy colourful and vibrant images on television and in the big screen. Also, cartoons transformed from being dull and heavy-handed to more realistic and vivid representations. The features of those enchanting cartoon faces and cartoon characters have become more defined. Even the sound effects have improved to become more realistic such that even the sound of a sneeze, a bursting balloon or a crying child can be heard clearly. Today, animated cartoons have been given more attention to the point that animation is recognized as one of the youngest, fastest-changing and entertaining industries worldwide. Indeed, cartoon animation has come a long way in the last few decades. Pictures of cartoon present a refreshing point of view in the world. Cartoon faces also have a universal appeal to people because many people like to laugh.

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