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Choose Your Cartoon Costumes

October 9, 2012

By Ita Nurdya

Generally, cartoons are pieces of arts, made by cartoonists, and usually with a humorous intent. It started long years ago that used to satirical drawings on many pages. These drawings can be a fun creation caricature and parodies of people, but sometimes include humor about animals. Most of people have a favorite animated character when they were kids. We have some cute character images on our shirts, bags, pencil cases, etc. There are many famous animated faces on many places. Most of them are animated animals that can interact or speak with one another.

cartoon character costumes

What do you think when cartoons and clothes are mixed? Cartoon clothes or cartoon shirts are essentially shirts and costumes containing cartoon pictures. This content is largely comical and animated characters. In the facts, most of children want to become their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. They do everything in order to mimic these cool characters. Today, there are many companies have worked hand with fashion designers to create the cartoon costumes. At some parties, most of children will surely have fun with their friends to become a cool cartoon character.

Do have a cartoon costume just for fun? Opening our creative minds to wearing cartoon costumes will fit very nicely for us. Most of children will definitely fun portraying their superheroes or favorite animated characters while wearing imaginative costumes. You can choose from a variety of cartoon selections like Disney characters, superheroes characters, animal characters and the likes. People in some fun parties have a good time seeing each other in their favorite cartoon costumes.

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Do You Remember These Famous Cartoon Faces?

July 12, 2010

By Ita Nurdya

Do you have favorite cartoon faces of families? There are many cartoon families in America. The Simpsons is one of famous cartoon families. It burst onto the scene very strongly in the late 1980’s. We know Bart, a little boy who just wants to have fun. We also know The Family Guy. Peter the dad is a whole lot like Homer and he also has his trustworthy wife Lois. There are many others of cartoon families faces. Most of people in America like to watch the cartoon families of America.

Do you remember about famous cartoon dogs? Since cartoons were first drawn, dogs have featured in these pictures. Something very fundamental about the popular American psyche was show in the cartoon of dogs. One of them is Little Orphan Annie had her faithful dog Sandy. Harold Gray used Sandy as a side kick for his feisty female lead cartoon face. Do you know Snoopy? Snoopy is a dog which more recent addition to the cartoon strip hall of fame. A different take on the dog’s faces in cartoons is Odie in the Garfield. It never had anything to say. All what of Odie did was to slobber.

The cartoon faces is a great for a company to build brand through their advertising. Do you know Mr. Clean? This cartoon face is memorable for his muscled physique, and ability to clean dirt. The other is Joe Camel. Joe Camel is a very controversial cartoon, but no less famous for it. It represented Camel cigarettes. There are many cartoon faces used for companies.

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Using Cartoon Pictures in Many Places

April 8, 2010

Using Cartoon Pictures in Many Places

By Ita Nurdya

Cartoon pictures are useful in many places. Faces of cartoon characters can make the web site appear tremendous, interactive and more exclusive. The funny and famous cartoon characters also can be exercised for education and presentations. On the other sides, pictures of cartoon characters can have a fabulous effect on the decoration of any room in which they are placed. In room for child, famous cartoon characters can brighten it up and bring happiness to the child in this room. How about Disney characters? They are one of the few items in cartoons that children and adults both enjoy.

If people are looking for cartoon animation or cartoon clip art on the internet or other places, they should try to at least have an idea what they want about cartoon before they begin searching. And they also need to figure out what they plan to do with the cartoon images that they found.

Every child has his particular liking for a cartoon face or a cartoon character. But most of kids in the world loved with some of the most widely popular characters on TV such as Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, etc. Mickey Mouse, It is the most famous character in Disney. And he has appeared in many places: TV animated cartoons, films, toys, t-shirts, comic strips and games. Tom and Jerry, Today kids in the world are watching the cat-mouse fight between Tom and Jerry. The animations series of Tom and Jerry cartoons can make all of children and adults both enjoy.

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Why Cartoon Pictures Have a Universal Appeal to People?

March 9, 2010

Why Cartoon Pictures Have a Universal Appeal to People?
By Ita Nurdya

Some people think that cartoons are just for kids. In spite of this, you might be surprised that many grown-ups have never really forgotten those cute cartoon faces they grew up with. In fact, some people have never really outgrown their fondness for cartoons that a lot of websites have sprung like mushrooms for people to create cartoon characters of themselves. Because of the free web services provided by these sites, you do not have to search and pay for the services of an artist or cartoonist if you want your own cartoon portrait.

All you have to do is look for a website, upload your photo and design. Recently, old cartoons such as “Astroboy” and “The Simpsons” have also been revived and shown again to perhaps remind some people of their childhood memories. These cartoon characters, which are reappearing also give the youth of today a chance to be familiar and be fond of older cartoon characters, which they missed.

If you think about it, many people are actually hooked on cartoons around the world. This is because of the irresistible charm and humour that the cartoon faces possess. Also, some people may not notice it, but cartoons, like other forms of art, actually send messages which may remind you of the different realities in life. Cartoonists have the ability to communicate and to provoke ideas by making fun of things from the real world.

The only difference is that cartoons send these messages lightly, humorously and in some cases, satirically. Let’s take, for example, political cartoons. Political cartoons have a certain appeal to people because of the truths they present about government policies, politicians’ personal lives, political controversies and many others. Cartoons present a very refreshing point of view. People love to laugh and this is why cartoons have a universal appeal to them.

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Understanding About Cartoon Faces

February 16, 2010

Understanding About Cartoon Faces

By Ita Nurdya

Do you love cartoons? Do you still remember the cat and mouse twosome, Tom and Jerry? How about Popeye with his puffed-up forearms and craze for Spinach? Does the name ‘Homer Simpson’ ring a bell? Although it is not popular but did you know that the Jackson Five had their own animated series based on their lives and music called The Jackson 5ive during the 1970’s? Yes, these are only some of the most endearing cartoon characters the world has ever seen. I am quite sure that you have your own favourite cartoon character whether from Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and many others.

Because of technological innovation, cartoons have evolved in history. From the old low budget black-and-white cartoons, people today enjoy colourful and vibrant images on television and in the big screen. Also, cartoons transformed from being dull and heavy-handed to more realistic and vivid representations. The features of those enchanting cartoon faces and cartoon characters have become more defined. Even the sound effects have improved to become more realistic such that even the sound of a sneeze, a bursting balloon or a crying child can be heard clearly. Today, animated cartoons have been given more attention to the point that animation is recognized as one of the youngest, fastest-changing and entertaining industries worldwide. Indeed, cartoon animation has come a long way in the last few decades. Pictures of cartoon present a refreshing point of view in the world. Cartoon faces also have a universal appeal to people because many people like to laugh.

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