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Happy Face of Smiley Emoticon with Glasses

January 21, 2013


This is a smiley emoticon, the happy face of a yellow ball. It wears glasses and shoes.


Smiley Face of Sun Flower Cartoon Clipart

July 11, 2012

It is a very cute smiley face of sun flower. In the morning, it smile for people all around the world.

Cool Tattoo of Sport Cartoon Face

June 17, 2012

cartoon face
This is a cool tattoo of cartoon face. The sport cartoon drawing is one of good objects on tattoos.

Lion Cartoon Face – Happy Expression

October 15, 2010

cartoon lion


This is a funny cartoon lion. It is about a happy face of cartoon lion.

A Chef Cartoon Face with a Rat

April 2, 2010

cartoon face

It is a picture of chef cartoon face. His face is a cute cartoon face. Most of chefs hate rat animals, but in this cartoon picture is different. The chef and the rat like a friendship. That is cartoon, impossible things will happen…

The Cartoon Faces of Goose

March 22, 2010

cartoon faces

These are two geese cartoon faces. They show their happy face in cartoon. Their friends are swans, most of which are larger than a goose. The other friends of them are ducks, which are smaller. There are many cartoon pictures of geese, swans and ducks. You can find all them by searching on the search engine.

A Happy Cartoon Face of Mickey Mouse

March 14, 2010

mickey cartoon face

When we were growing up there was a cartoon face that we loved. It was Mickey Mouse. We love going to Disney World as a Mickey’s home and seeing Mickey walking around greeting us all the time. Many people in the world love the cartoon face of Mickey Mouse. Adults and children in many places also alike enjoy Mickeys products.